Our Customer reviews

It is the best retinol cream I have used. It is effective but gentle on the skin! I like the texture. My skin looks better! I have only been using this for a week and I can already see a difference.

Liliana Rosenberg

AMAZING!!!! love how my skin looks from using this stuff BUT it can be irritating! so dont under estimate its potency and a little goes a long way!

Crystal Williams

At the age of 72 I've decided to do something to improve my skin. After watching a number of French Pharmacy videos I noticed that this product was always Number 1!

Rosa Guevara

Vitamin A Pommade 200.000 UI 50g



Pay attention on the labelling

Before purchasing elsewhere, make sure you get the English labelled FDA approved version of this product, which is safe to use and no fakes available with the same packaging at the moment!

Avibon Cream

AVIBON is not available anymore

It has been a long time that Avibon cream is not available on the market, so do not buy anything sold under it's name. A313 was the new version inspired by Avibon cream and the closest version of it.

Old Packaging

Although in many webstores you can find this image for A313 Vitamin A Pommade 200.000 UI 50g, please make sure that they sell authentic products, since this packaging is not used anymore and its quiet old.